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Effectiveness of Security Technology in Reducing Security Threats - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Effectiveness of Security Technology in Reducing Security Threats" was undertaken with a view to addressing the fundamental issue of security threats. Security issues have become very fundamental to deal with in the modern day organization particularly propelled…
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Effectiveness of Security Technology in Reducing Security Threats
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Extract of sample "Effectiveness of Security Technology in Reducing Security Threats"

Download file to see previous pages Chapter five presents the conclusion and recommendations of the study based on the findings.
Security threats vary in both characteristics and magnitudes. One of the types of security threats faced by individuals is unlawful acts perpetrated by other individuals. Technology has lately developed to address this security threat. The most recent technology introduced to address this security threat is the surveillance technology (Monahan, 2010). This technology has played a very great part in enhancing security through prediction of unlawful and catastrophic events. The emergence of the information age after the introduction of computers resulted in other types of security threats. According to Stoneburner, Hayden, & Feringa (2004), one of the security threats that were associated with the emergence of the information age is a loss of essential information by an individual or a company. Several technologies in form of software systems have been generated to solve this security threat.
The purpose of this literature review is to aid the researcher gain a clear understanding and insight of the problem based on various studies done in the same field or related field. Various scholars have various schools of thoughts and perspectives regarding security threats, the technologies used to address the threats, their effectiveness or failure and whether these technologies respond to the dynamic times and circumstances brought about by the constantly changing field of the information and communication technology. This chapter reviews the available literature on this topic and looks at these different perspectives that these scholars have put forward (Hall, 2008).
Threats to personal security and that of property, information and other equipment have been in existence for a very long time. People have often engaged in criminal activities involving an unlawful threat to individuals’ lives. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Effectiveness of Security Technology in Reducing Security Threats Research Paper.
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