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The use of security automation systems would significantly help to control the above industry’s risks. However, there are various issues, such as design, cost, operational needs and effectiveness that need to be…
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Security Automation in oil and gas company
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Security Automation in Oil and Gas companies Security Automation in Oil and Gas companies Topic Overview The exposure of the oil and gas companiesto risks is high. The use of security automation systems would significantly help to control the above industry’s risks. However, there are various issues, such as design, cost, operational needs and effectiveness that need to be carefully checked in advance. In a Workshop arranged in 2006 by the ‘Norwegian Oil Industry Association’ (Rong et al. 2008, p.532) the need for extensive research on the role, the challenges and the benefits of Security Automation systems in the oil and gas industry was highlighted. In 2002 the National Research Council also emphasized the importance of research for systems that can guarantee security in the oil and gas industry (National Research Council 2002). This study would focus on the Security Automation systems used in the oil and gas industry, as these systems have been found to have a critical role in increasing security in the industry’s firms.
2. Researcher Qualifications
I have been motivated to do research on this topic mostly because of the following reason: the security problems reported in oil and gas companies are many; the firms producing SA systems have tried to develop products that are effective in controlling the industry’s security risks. However, so far, the limitation of these risks has not been secured. I believe that this study could help the industry’s firms to locate effective security tools. Also, the study could help me to increase my knowledge on the needs and challenges of the firms operating in the oil and gas industry. My studies, so far, are related to computing; my involvement in a research project related to the practical use of computing systems would help me to become more competent in managing these systems in different operational environments.
3. Topic Development:
The topic of this study focus on a ‘researchable problem’ and not to a ‘personal problem’ as this view is based on the following facts: a) the security threats for the firms of oil and gas industry are many, b) most of these threats cannot be appropriately controlled due to the failures reported in the security systems used in the industry’s firms and c) the importance of this problem has been highlighted by organizations, as explained in the first section of this proposal, but also by academic researchers. In other words, the potential involvement of SA systems in the oil and gas industry is an issue related to the daily operations of all the industry’s firms; it is not an issue that affects an individual at personal level.
The ‘Scientific method’ of research is based on the following idea: research questions would be tested using appropriate techniques, either in the form of experiment or simply by comparing existing material (Wilson 2012). In this study the second approach of the ‘Scientific research method’ would be rather employed: existing material, i.e. academic studies and reports, related to the study’s subject will be retrieved. At the next level the material retrieved will be carefully checked and important points, in regard to the study’s research questions, will be identified and critically discussed. Also, the findings will be compared and evaluated so that all aspects of the study’s subject are explored. The use of experiment, as a research technique, in this study is not feasible due to the following reason: no numerical data can be employed in the research phase of the study, due to the nature of the study’s subject. In addition, it is not possible for a SA system used in the oil and gas industry to be tested in practice since such testing would require the access to the physical environment in which such system operates; it is clear that such research plan would be not applicable in practice, if taking into consideration the value of the products involved, i.e. oil and gas. Indeed, it would be quite risky for one of the industry’s firm to allow to an individual to enter its premises and have access to its security systems, even for the needs of an academic research project.
4. Feasibility:
The successful completion of this study would be feasible only under the terms that the following resources are retrieved: a) academic studies that have been developed in this field need to be identified and analytically discussed, taking into consideration the study’s research questions, as described in the next section, b) reports published by governmental and non-governmental organizations would be also necessary; because the specific subject is not purely academic but it is closely related to daily practices of a critical sector, the oil and gas industry, it would be necessary for the practical aspects and implications of this subject to be presented. For example, the reference to the most recent modes of SA systems, as available in the market, is necessary in order to check whether guaranteeing security in the oil and gas industry is a feasible target or not. The resources mentioned above will be retrieved online, through academic databases and through online search engines, as appropriate.
5. Specific Research Question(s):
Through this research project a series of important questions will be addressed: A) Which is the key role of Security Automation systems as part of the oil and gas industry? B) Which are the most common characteristics of SA systems? Reference should be made to SA systems but also, in particular, to the SA systems used in the oil and gas industry; C) Which are the differentiations between the SA systems developed by firms worldwide? Why such differentiations appear? D) In future, should SA systems be changed and under which terms? Which would be the priorities and characteristics of future SA systems, especially those involved in the oil and gas industry?
National Research Council, Committee on Science and Technology for Countering Terrorism. (2002). Making the Nation Safer: The Role of Science and Technology in Countering Terrorism. Washington: National Academies Press
Rong, C., Jaatun, M., Sandnes, F. & Yang, L. (2008). Autonomic and Trusted Computing: 5th International Conference, ATC 2008, Oslo, Norway, June 23-25, 2008, Proceedings. London: Springer Science & Business Media
Wilson, B. (2012). An Introduction to Scientific Research. New York: Courier Dover Publications. Read More
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