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The Gain of SQL Optimization in Databases - Research Paper Example

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This essay analyzes the main strengths of the Relational Database Management System, that lies in its user-friendliness and querying capabilities, in lieu of its efficiency related to the hardware or system overhead. The performance issues in databases are becoming more frequent…
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The Gain of SQL Optimization in Databases
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore, the Database Management Systems are tuned or optimized so as to improve their performance by making the system run faster. The significant amount of database performance optimization is attained through the SQL optimization that endeavors to optimize the queries at the application level.
The first step towards database tuning is to identify the reasons behind the issues and determine the current bottlenecks in the database system. This is an intricate task since the factors that influence the overall performance of a database system are quite diversified. The first classification of factors can be categorized under ‘hardware’ that comprises a processor, disk, memory, and network performance. The other factors include indexing, database design, partitioning or locking that are directly associated with the database system. Also, the issues can occur at the application level of the system. Extensive literature is available about these factors, discussion of which would go beyond the scope of this study. This infers that database optimization requires a very explicit set of expertise and includes the fields of database administration, system administration, and application development. Usually, the hardware related database performance issues are easier to identify and fix than other factors. Many database performance issues also occur due to sub-optimal or wrong indexing and inappropriate use of locking mechanisms. Although the role of database design is also very important in database performance, however, the re-designing of a running database system is not at all feasible as it is complex and requires vast resources. The primary focus of this study is SQL optimization as it offers great potential to improve database performance.
This study is aimed towards determining the gain of optimizing SQL in database systems. The paper will discuss the significance of fine tuning SQL queries. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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