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An Integrated Engine That Has An Inbuilt System - Term Paper Example

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The reporter describes an interface engine as an integrated engine that has an inbuilt system, which connects legacy system and allows message transfer and delivery by use of a type of protocol called, standard messaging protocol…
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An Integrated Engine That Has An Inbuilt System
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Download file to see previous pages b) Specification document – this is the document that creates an abstract, and an overview of the system. It is the outline format used to demonstrate the system. Therefore, this document presents the plan or the scope of the system. The document in the healthcare industry is to display a description of the system, its functions, constraint, and performance, a requirement met by the system in the HL7, the systems architecture, and the interaction of the subsystems.
PID- this is the Patient Identification segment. In this segment, all the information about the patient is found in all types of ADT messaging. It constitutes 30 fields’ e.g. patient’s sex, patient’s age, patient’s ID number, patient’s address, and patient’s marital status. The PID segments contain the necessary information that majorly aids in the communication of identity and the demographic information of the patient between the systems. Information in this segment is not regularly altered or change due to the complex nature of this information. (Keith, 2011)
a. PV1- this is the Patient Visit Information. This segment allows a visitor to submit information of a patient being visited and the visitor’s personal information. It contains 52 fields, for example, patient class, admission type, attending doctor, set ID – PV1, visit number, financial class, and contract period. (Keith, 2011) This information assists in identifying the patient visited, information about the visitor, time and the financial status of the patient. Therefore, making it easier to communicate with the involved systems, and sharing information. In this segment, the ADT messaging is also in use.
Virtualization- this is the creation of a non-actual version of something. It involves the construction of virtually designed substances that create a sense of being real and true, such as servers, network resources, and operating systems.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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