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ZigBee Network Topologies and Routing & Super-Heterodyne Receiver - Research Paper Example

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The paper "ZigBee Network Topologies and Routing & Super-Heterodyne Receiver" highlights that the ZigBee PRO Feature Set utilizes ad-hoc and the mesh only in its application. There is a variation in source routing enhancements. The applicable network layer is multicast. …
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ZigBee Network Topologies and Routing & Super-Heterodyne Receiver
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Download file to see previous pages The intermediate frequency (IF), constitutes the lower frequency difference component. The fixed tuned amplifier stages form a distinct barrier that distinguishes the intermediate frequency from other components on the printed board. The local oscillator’s tuning is mechanically ganged to the tuning of the radio frequency (RF). The mechanical ganging of the signal circuit allows for the equity of the difference midway frequency and the fixed value.
In the case of AM broadband radios, a suitable antenna is fundamental for effective reception of signals. A varicap diode or a variable resistor can be utilized in the tuning circuit. The tuning of the circuits in the RF stage has to trail the local oscillator tuning. The tuned circuit at this level bars the frequencies that are far eliminated from the targeted response frequency (Nassar, p. 328).
The superheterodyne receiver uses High- Side Injection (HIS) of the oscillator that is provided by ft = fc + fIF for Low Side Injection (LSI) and fI = fc - fIF. When the receiver is tuned to the frequency of a different incoming signal, the frequency of the local oscillator (LO) is also changed automatically in order to satisfy the equation fI = fc - fIF in the High- Side Injection. Therefore, the output of the mixer is given by; y(t) = Ac/2(1+ ms(t)) [cos 2πfIFt + cos 2π (2f2 + fIF)t]
The other signal at fim = fc + 2fIF referred to as the image response, can be down-converted to the IF in case the RF bandpass filter does not attain good image response. The output of the RF amplifier can be expressed as z(t) = AcI (1+ m1s1(t)) cos 2πfct + Ac2 (1+ m2s2(t)) cos 2π (fc + 2f IF)t
The required signal z(t) is centred at f IF, at the output of the IF filter. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(ZigBee Network Topologies and Routing & Super-Heterodyne Receiver Research Paper - 2)
ZigBee Network Topologies and Routing & Super-Heterodyne Receiver Research Paper - 2.
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