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Every network practitioner needs to have a simplified toolkit that would enable an individual diagnose and resolve issues brought about by network faults. In this case,…
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Resolving Performance Problems with the Network
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Resolving Performance Problems with the Network Introduction Undoubtedly, printers may present a maddening range of troubles to most clients within an organization. Every network practitioner needs to have a simplified toolkit that would enable an individual diagnose and resolve issues brought about by network faults. In this case, despite their unexpected quirks, printers play a critical role in most organizations. Should printers experience a problem, the administrators can request services of a technical support representative. This paper seeks to diagnose problems associated with the print server of company XYZ Inc. In addition, the paper will make necessary assumptions, draw the appropriate printer topology, and propose the best network connection in the company.
With all honesty, most printers with low-performance rates print files slowly. Sometimes, windows may send requests to the wrong printer. Such issues commonly occur in companies that work in large stores such as XYZ Inc. Moreover, some manufacturers happen to supply very spotty and light printers with horizontal lines. Other printer devices may send false messages considering the level of ink in their cartridges. Most likely, XYZ Inc could not have provided an interface to enable customers print their files from their mobile devices to the company’s printers. Other assumptions may include expenses involved in printing files, lousy output files, production of paper jams, and the breakdown of multifunction printer (MFP).
According to Hoffman (2013), there exist several ways of solving common printer problems. For instance, administrators should ensure proper connection of all printers to the servers. The administrators need to install the printer driver and software on the printer that a client needs to use. In the case of a low-ink warning, a technical representative should not rush to replace the cartridge because some printers send false signals. Instead, the person in control should continue running the printer until the output degrades. Besides, administrators should install Wi-Fi printers to enable by using third-party apps that provide a wide range of printing options.
The topology of a printer network depends on the volume of data or allowable bandwidth transferred across a given network. On the other hand, the topology influences the speed and efficiency of data transfer across the network. XYZ Inc should implement the Bus Topology for its printer network. To illustrate, clients can send request messages to one terminal on the entire network. Therefore, none of the terminals gets affected should one of them breakdown. Although difficult to discover the problem should the whole network failure, administrators should embrace this topology due to its simplicity, reliability and less costly to maintain (Ewart Chain Limited, 2014). The figure below demonstrates the Bus Topology;
Furthermore, there exist two types of printer network connections: Network Shared and Peer-to-Peer conditions. In the case of Peer-to-Peer situation, each workstation sends and receives some data to each connected device. On the other hand, Network Shared situation requires a centrally controlled computer to send and receive data (University of Vermont, 2014). While the Peer-to-Peer environment requires a smaller network of five computers, the Network Shared situation calls for a vast network. Since XYZ comprises of 80 users, the administrators should implement the Network Shared environment by utilizing TCP/IP print protocol.
In conclusion, XYZ Inc representatives should make use of simple and available methods of connecting their printers to the network. Indeed, there exist several basic commands that experts can utilize to diagnose a network fault. Most considerably, such specialists should understand that a routing problem may originate from unseen or unknown sources. The simplicity of the Bus or Line Topology would make clients of XYZ Inc experience fewer delays for printing requests. Administrators can also configure a Brother printer with the right IP address so as to implement the required network configuration.
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