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Understanding Information Security Problems and Measures in Universities - Research Paper Example

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An author of the paper "Understanding Information Security Problems and Measures in Universities" seeks to describe the importance of providing quality information security service. Therefore, the paper analyzes North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University security plan…
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Understanding Information Security Problems and Measures in Universities
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Extract of sample "Understanding Information Security Problems and Measures in Universities"

Download file to see previous pages Effective management of security is more essential for the protection of information since information systems are at risk of threats. Such risks might occur as a result of some destruction caused to the information or the systems. Organizational employees might also be responsible and information could be hampered by some errors in their actions. Threats have the capability to lead to risks of security and if not managed or controlled, can damage the assets or information creating losses for an organization (Vacca, 2010, p.6). Thus in the present times, in regard to the factors of risks prevailing in organizations against assets and information, the significance of effective security measures can be realized. The industry working to provide the measures of security is also highly demanding as a result of the need for security. The present study focuses on the North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University Information Security Plan and makes a critical analysis to understand how much the plan proves to be effective in its measures.
If the information security plan for the North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University is considered, it can be observed that the university has very well made arrangements for the protection of the information and data of the students, faculty as well as the other staff members of the university. For the purpose, responsibilities are distributed across the different departments. As the plan suggests, the users, the administrators, the owners of the information and the network security have their duties mentioned in the plan (North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University Information Security Plan, 2008, pp.1-4). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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