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Quadrant under Which MDCM Falls in Accenture IT Governance Model - Case Study Example

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This paper "Quadrant under Which MDCM Falls in Accenture IT Governance Model" focuses on MDCM Inc., considered as one of the largest and oldest contract producers of medical devices, which was founded in 1972. The company was the US-based and operated with nineteen subsidiaries.  …
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Quadrant under Which MDCM Falls in Accenture IT Governance Model
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Download file to see previous pages This was the result of inadequate and improper information technology implementation in the operations of the company (Jeffery, M & Norton, J. F, “IT Strategy Synchronization”). The paper will study the failure of the information technology practised in the company. The paper is also intended to provide with the strategic goals of the firm and the analysis of the competitive environment of MDCM Inc.
The Accenture IT Governance Model enables to examine the way an organization’s information technology-based function creates value addition to the organization by the consideration the two factors i.e. ‘basis for competitive advantage’ and ‘rate of change in an organization’. In relation to the case, it can be observed that MDCM falls under information integrators. It has been identified that there was lower-rate-of-change in the organization. The organization primarily competed on the base of product/service differentiation. The management of the ‘information integrators’ generally expect to use information in order to improve their decision-making process. The information is expected to be used in order to create new products as well as services. The management of MDCM also sought for use of information in order to make their decision making the process faster, which would, in turn, enable them to enhance operational efficiency and reduce the cost of operations (Jeffery, M. & Norton, J. F, “IT Strategy Synchronization”).
One of the main strategic goals of MDCM was to reduce the production cost which was observed to be an extra expense of the company. The company was found to be lacking in making proper arrangement in its operational process which disabled the company to contact with the subsidiaries effectively. The main goal of the company stands to be determined in facilitating a smooth flow of information. The company needs to enhance its profitability by reducing its extra expenses. The company is observed to follow an obsolete email system. The new accommodated legacy system ‘Horizon 2000’ was noticed to increase the administration costs adding to the expenses of the company (Jeffery, M. & Norton, J. F, “IT Strategy Synchronization”).   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Quadrant under Which MDCM Falls in Accenture IT Governance Model Case Study - 1.
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