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IPR Law Firm's Distributed Database Management System - Term Paper Example

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This paper aims to study the architecture and requirements of the distributed database management system of an Intellectual Property Rights Law firm in the United States. The paper identifies the problems in the existing architecture and recommends solutions to overcome them
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IPR Law Firms Distributed Database Management System
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Download file to see previous pages The concept of distributed computing relates to storing and access of multiple computing applications that are distributed on a computer network. The distributed database management systems refer to a software that allows the management of databases distributed on a computer network to provide transparent distribution activity to the user. Furthermore, the distributed database management system acts as a single application that has multiple databases working for it. The user access, stores, retrieve and make changes to the single application. However, the action leads to changes in all the related databases attached to the application in one-time.
The structure of the paper is dedicated to the journal’s style and is designed in a way to achieve its objectives. The main body of the discussion is divided into sections, namely: general description, general characteristics, architecture, scope, and other characteristics and problems. The paper will end its discussion with a conclusion and recommendations section.
Gray and Metz postulated that one of the basic purposes of a distributed database management system is to place the data in easily accessible places for the users to retrieve it on a regular basis (183). The main purpose of a distributed database is to achieve a singular goal for which it has been designed. Therefore, the distributed database management system of an Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Law Firm based in the United States aims to regulate, share, store, access and modify the various databases that the firm has deployed in separate departments.
The distributed database system of an IPR law firm is a client-server type system. Omer argued that a client-server is a system where all the computers connected with the main computer are considered as clients (15).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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