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Information System for Express Line Shipping L.L.C - Term Paper Example

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The author selected Express Line Shipping L.L.C  company for which he proposes an Information System. The main purpose of implementing a management information system in Express Line Shipping L.L.C. is to help managers effectively process the information regarding different sales and marketing tasks…
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Information System for Express Line Shipping L.L.C
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Extract of sample "Information System for Express Line Shipping L.L.C"

Download file to see previous pages There are a number of factors, which made me design an information system for the Sales activities of Express Line Shipping L.L.C. The need for information management is the first factor which has driven the company to implement an information system for the sales department. Almost every company, which has an online presence, needs to manage the customers’ details and other information in the database in order to carry out the business processes effectively. Express Line Shipping L.L.C. would have been a failure without the implementation of information system because Express Line is a customer-oriented company, which needs to be efficient in managing the customer related information. Therefore, the need for information management was the primary force behind the implementation of the information system in the company.
Another factor, which played a major role in the implementation of the information system in the company, was the management of the details of the customers’ orders. Express Line Shipping L.L.C. runs its business through its website where customers place their orders and the company provides the customers with their desired products. This is the reason why it was important for the company to keep track of the customers’ details in an efficient way.
Information retrieval on demand is also an important factor behind the implementation of information system in an organization. In the case of my company, information needs to be retrieved constantly for processing. Therefore, it was important for the company to implement an information system in order to facilitate the company’s employees in carrying out the business activities in an appropriate manner.
Another important factor, which made the company implement the information system, was the need for data consistency.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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