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Management Information and Communication Systems - Research Paper Example

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The paper highlights key aspects of MICS and the ways in which information is handled in today’s world. The report identifies common practices adopted by online websites and organizations to tap into individual information easily available on the Internet…
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Management Information and Communication Systems
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Download file to see previous pages The present research has identified that with the advent of computers and the Internet, access to information is not only faster and efficient but also convenient. The rapidly advancing MICS has presented the organizations with immense benefits in terms of efficient data collection, processing of data to support managerial decision making, problem-solving processes and enabling a highly collaborative work environment. Transformations in business processes and managerial strategies have been guided by the developments in MICS for enhanced productivity, performance, and competitive advantage. However, the challenges exposed by such systems cannot be ignored since it requires in-depth understanding and effective policies to control the ill-effects of MICS. Organizations make use of various techniques like data mining and warehousing to analyze online user behavior and accommodate strategic practices to achieve higher traffic to their websites. Personal information and vital data related to financial transactions are exposed to threats of misuse by fraudsters. Thus, privacy and data protection issues are some of the vital challenges to which individuals are exposed today and this is one of the primary factors guiding online user behavior. Issues like online frauds, identity theft, information leakage, and hacking have become the buzzwords for Internet users. How vulnerable are we to such frauds and invasions on our personal spaces and what measures can we take to protect ourselves from such incidents? These are some of the vital questions that are faced by Internet users. Organizations and institutions are grappling with the challenges of protecting customer data and ensuring ethical practices while dealing with sensitive personal information provided by users. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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