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Fundamentals of Simple Network Management Protocol - Research Paper Example

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The purpose of this research "Fundamentals of Simple Network Management Protocol " is to outline the key features, architecture and different versions of the SMTP protocol. The objective of this protocol is to manage the network administration by logical remote connectivity…
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Fundamentals of Simple Network Management Protocol
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Download file to see previous pages Simple Network Management Protocol is the most extensively used protocol in terms of monitoring network and computing devices. SNMP can be configured with almost any network device. The objective of developing this protocol was SNMP intends to be simple and provide cost-saving solutions. It has been a choice of millions due to its low processing and simple administration. The implementation of SNMP is widespread making it a success as compared to all the previous versions. Simple network management protocol Architecture
An organization has a network of more than 50 nodes including workstations, bridges, hubs, switches and routers. Unexpectedly the network experience dropouts and delays, how does the network administrator know which device or network node is creating a problem due to which the overall network is affected? If we expand this word “Overall Network”, it affects overall business, overall performance of the business, and the overall economy. To overcome this issue SNMP was defined in 1988 and was approved as an Internet security standard in 1990 by Internet activities board (IAB) (citation needed). An SNMP-managed network consists of three key components. First is the network management system (NMS), which is the software running on a network computer. It speaks to network nodes in managed devices through software in the managed
device called the agent. Communication can be unidirectional, setting parameters from the management system or getting status on request from managed devices. Or it can be bidirectional, with managed devices reporting parameters on their own
to the management system, as in failures. Though developed for computer hardware, SNMP works perfectly well with many pieces of video-specific hardware.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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