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Packet Data Transmission - Essay Example

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The transmission of the data packets goes through various network layers. The report "Packet Data Transmission" covers in technical details the processes that occur in the transmission of packet data. It provides a brief summary of the TCP/IP networking protocol during data transmission…
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Packet Data Transmission
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Download file to see previous pages The transport layer establishes a session management between the two hosts. Data received from the application layer is segmented into packets. Each packet is given a unique label before being transmitted. The packets contain the necessary information that is sent to the host computer to fetch a web page; these packets are transmitted to the internet layer.
The internet layer constitutes the Internet Protocol (Parziale, 2006). Data is packaged into Internet Protocol datagrams, which hold the address details of the client and server. The addresses of the client and server side are referred to as IP addresses (Osterloh, 2001). The packets are then transmitted to network interface layer. The network interface layer is responsible for determining how data is transmitted over the network (Rufi, 2008). The transmission of data is dependent on the network medium used, for example, Ethernet and the optical fiber.
TCP/IP protocol stack
In order for communication to be effective, the internet protocol is based on the TCP/IP model. The TCP/IP constitutes protocols, mainly the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and the Internet Protocol (IP), hence the name but there exist other protocols as well. The TCP/IP is a hierarchical model composed of interactive modules where each module is assigned a specific task (Bonaventure, 2011, p.75). The layers in the model are composed of protocols that can relate to each other depending on the system type. In terms of hierarchy, a number of layers below the higher layer protocols support it. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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