The US Cyberspace - Emerging Threats - Research Paper Example

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The present discourse elaborates emerging threats for the US cyberspace. America depends more on cyberspace. It has been the target for many terrorist groups which try to intrude into its secured databases thereby creating problems to the American government and society…
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The US Cyberspace - Emerging Threats
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Download file to see previous pages The American government altered the way it dealt with the business and financial activities. American government realized that the design of cybersecurity plays the main part and it must be efficient enough to protect a country’s information. Cyberspace must be defended by implementing the latest security standards and technologies which offer comprehensive protection.  
The nations that oppose America have started targeting their systems by means of cyber threats and attacks. They aim at attacking the security system by creating threats that result in problems like system crash and data loss.                                                                   
This, in turn, affects the country’s growth and eventually leads to various other problems. The American government and private organizations work together to protect the communication systems. The nature of these attacks must be analyzed so that the executives can rectify the problem by utilizing the required software.   
Though the government implements critical systems, that cannot be easily attacked, there are certain features which even those critical systems lack. The technological development has created both a negative and positive impact on these security systems. The flaws in these systems make it easy for the intruders to attack them.  Cyberspace is a dynamic environment where changes take place every now and then. Hence the security system must be updated regularly to work well with these new inventions. Else it would become a tough task for the security systems to deal with various threats.
The objective of a security system does not end with protecting the government and its related operations. Instead, it concentrates on the entire country’s safety and security. Hence these systems must be efficient enough to handle any type of threat and attack. Unauthorized access of the data and intruding into a system has become a common task. There are people who are professionally trained to intrude into such security systems. The systems that control the government and its related activities are the most targeted ones. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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