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This involves the moral and ethical issues arising from the development and subsequent use of information technologies. Several decades ago, it was safe to store data in the computer since there…
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EBusiness and Ethics
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Cell Phone Projector Proposal: MIS Business Concerns Ethical concerns have been on the increase regarding information technology use. This involves the moral and ethical issues arising from the development and subsequent use of information technologies. Several decades ago, it was safe to store data in the computer since there were no cases of hacking and data theft. However, in the contemporary society, several security concerns about data held on computers have arisen. Though several techniques have been developed to deal with this, emerging and re-emerging threats to computer information are still available. The growth and advancement of computer technology and several networks have encouraged an incline in the number of criminal activities propagated over the computers as well as risks (Jamrich and Dan Oja 28). The world is currently witnessing the development of new criminal activities that are being committed through the digital world. Therefore, there is a greater need of coming up with measures and strategies that can help curb cyber risks.
There are many system administrators and skilled enough to do the work and provide what the client need. However, it is hard to find the one that can do what you want with the right way and beneficial and effective for long time. The biggest problem that companies face is the security in the network. The data and information are crucial to a company that is why they need security. In these days, there are many viruses that can harm the computers and destroy the data in companies and it cost them lots of money and gives them a bad reputation. The project will provide and set up data security to the cell phones that helps to secure the data and protect it from threats and viruses (Siegel 31). Furthermore, there is need for security from the outside network. Also, the cell phones should have protection from viruses that destroy and might consequently steal data. Nowadays, every company needs to setup a security program and the only way to do it is to hire system administrators to do that with the right way. What the project intend to set up is the required security for the data and cell phone. Further, the data will be backed up because it is better to have backed up data in case it is lost or destroyed. Setting up security for the data and cell phone will include activating the firewalls, blocking any spyware attacks, as well as using valid malware software or anti-virus. Protection of data entails using encryption for the most sensitive files such as the financial records, tax returns, and backing up the significant data regularly, as well as storing them on another location.
There are several solutions that the project will come up with regarding mitigating the threats posed on data and information on the cell phone projector. In spite of setting up security for the data and cell phone as well as data backup proposed, some solutions have been corporate and proved useful. The first solution that has been incorporated is the use of strong passwords. Companies have been using different password combinations and user ID for different accounts and subsequently avoiding writing them down anywhere (Brenner 27). The passwords are made complicated through the combination of numbers, letters, and the special characters with a minimal of ten characters that are changed on a regular basis. Secondly, the wireless networks will be secured. The Wi-Fi or wireless networks in the working are always vulnerable to the intrusion if not properly secured. In order secure them, companies often review and consequently modify the default settings. More so, they avoid conducting sensitive corporate or financial transactions on such networks.
Third solution involves protection of the e-identity. The companies are always cautious when providing their personal information that includes an address, company name, the financial information, and phone number through the cyberspace (Brenner 31). Further, they ensure that the websites are always secure when engaging in any online transaction or that the privacy settings are enabled. Finally, the companies always avoid being slammed by ensuring that they take caution before clicking on any of the links. All these measures are put in place to ensure that the cell phones that will be used as projector are efficient and that data contained in them are not lost or stolen.

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EBusiness and Ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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