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Computer System Security of the Plantain Building Company - Case Study Example

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The "Computer System Security of the Plantain Building Company" paper states that the Plantain Company is not exploiting information technology to its full potential, the introduction of this report highlights the importance of the Information systems. …
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Computer System Security of the Plantain Building Company
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Extract of sample "Computer System Security of the Plantain Building Company"

Download file to see previous pages The Information system comprises hardware and software which adds functionality to the system according to the business requirements. Human beings are required to only trigger the systems in order to contribute to business functions. (Paul, 2010)

Is it vital for Small medium enterprises to perform knowledge management tasks? Knowledge is been renowned as an economical contrivance for the organization's endurance. Small-medium enterprises often face knowledge management failures resulting in business loss. (Chan, Ivy, and Chao Chee-Kwong, 2008). The impact of the effective use of Information systems is essential for business professionals, managers are other knowledge workers. The information systems facilitate the business processes and services to be completed in a professional manner. On the other hand, it also contributes to the strategic success of the business.

The plantain company is maintaining a server which is not properly employed. They have access to all types of data and possess a separate email account. Project Managers access data related to their importance. The organization requires a centralized well maintained information system, a firewall to automate their business processes and to store data in a secure way. To protect data, security policies are required to be defined. Contingency planning is also an essential aspect that cannot be disregarded. As per Ramesh, V.C., and Xuan Li there are three dimensions of contingency planning “The first issue concerns the handling of multiple objectives; we discuss the benefits of using fuzzy logic for handling this issue. The second issue is the consideration of the economic cost of post-contingency corrective actions as well as the utility of discrete control actions that complicate the modeling and solution of the contingency planning problem. The last issue is the need for of advanced parallel computing techniques for addressing the real-time aspects of many contingency planning problems;”

The Plantain building company has twenty-seven desktop workstations either connected with each other via a hub or a switch.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Computer System Security of the Plantain Building Company Case Study.
(Computer System Security of the Plantain Building Company Case Study)
Computer System Security of the Plantain Building Company Case Study.
“Computer System Security of the Plantain Building Company Case Study”.
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