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Mobile Computing - Research Paper Example

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This paper examines mobile computing. Local Area Network was created when the need for intercommunication passed. Later, the fixed setup of wired hosts was not enough, and wireless hosts were invented. This idea developed into a greater wireless concept of cellular communication and Wi-Fi.
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Mobile Computing
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Download file to see previous pages Mobile computing has been classified into two categories; portable computing and mobility computing. Portable computing is mobile devices but if a host requires access to them then a connection with the network port has to be made. This implies that their communication with the other host is dependent on the availability of a network. The dependency on the network port can serve to be a serious constraint as it might not be available in some places.
The other type of mobile computing is mobile computing which safeguards the true essence of mobility. The devices are mobile and reachable from anywhere thereby eliminating the need for a presence of a network port. This type of mobile computing is preferred by end-users, therefore, it has found its place in almost every field of life.
The concept of mobile computing has grown so much that many applications are present for a diverse range of fields. The acceptance and integration rate of mobile computing has been nothing less than remarkable over the past years.
Devices have been improved with respect to their computational powers, disk capacities, energy consumption rates etc. 
Sensors: Sensors can serve as the computing devices to extract useful information from its environment. They can be used to monitor some specific area for security or intelligence purpose.
Emergency Incidents and Natural Disasters: These devices can be useful in the times of a natural disaster where the whole infrastructure might be damaged. In the absence of the fixed and wired network, these mobile devices can help in communication with the rescue services for aid and other purposes.
Warfare: Wearable computers can be used by soldiers in the midst of warfare to know their locations and their enemy’s whereabouts. Such mobile devices can be helpful in sending updates to the soldiers about the progress of the war.
It is very necessary to understand the aspects that build up the mobile computing concept. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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