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New Website System for Malak Jewellers - Research Paper Example

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The author of the present research paper "New Website System for Malak Jewellers" points out that today, the internet is the main driver of financial growth thus, the web-based business or e-commerce has turned out to be a vital requirement for every physically operating business…
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New Website System for Malak Jewellers
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Extract of sample "New Website System for Malak Jewellers"

Download file to see previous pages This report is intended to present a detailed and comprehensive analysis of the new web-based business site development planning, assessing, and implementing factors.
The purpose of this report is to evaluate the goals of the business website. More so, it is all about the importance of a website and its uses. The report also analyzes the essential key features of a website. In addition to this, the different stages of a website designing are also discussed in this report. An e-commerce website is a commercial service on the internet that allows the businesses to not only interact with their existing clients but also to showcase their previous as well as the new projects to attract the new customers. Furthermore, it allows businesses to have a global presence and operate maximum hours. Those who do not have the opportunity to visit the business outlets frequently can visit it through an online website and can get the information about all the product range and services of the business.
A website will provide its owner, Malak Jewelers, a chance to grow. Moreover, a website will give authenticity to its owner by showcasing the products and services that its owner is dealing with. A well developed and maintained website ensures that it offers a professional view of to its visitors.
The power of automation is one of the benefits of the business website, and this also reduces the need to hire employees. The website will increase conversion rate and boost bottom line while focusing on a niche market for Malak Jewelers.
The websites having no goals is just an accomplishment but not success. Choose a unique name for the website that should be obvious; it can be a metaphor or a phrase. Just like mobile phones, the website is a very popular way for a customer to contact businesses they want to deal with. The increasing number of visitors is not a goal; the increasing number of visitors doing business via the website is the target audience. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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