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The paper “Main Issues of Cloud Computing” summarizes the major concerns in the cloud computing - flexibility in the cloud security system and determining suitable granularities for isolation through local area network (LANs), physical or virtual machines, and clouds or data centers. …
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Main Issues of Cloud Computing
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Download file to see previous pages Security is a major issue related to cloud computing. In this report, these issues related to cloud computing is looked at to analyze its present and find out its future prospects.  Cloud Computing can be stated as a term which describes a type of application as well as a platform. A cloud computing-related platform dynamically configures, reconfigures, provisions, and also de-provision servers as they are needed. Servers’ part of a cloud can turn out to be a virtual machine or a physical machine. Advanced level of cloud usually includes separate computing resources like Storage Area Networks (SANs), firewall, network equipment, and also other security-related devices. Cloud computing generally describes different applications which are extended in such a way that they are accessible through the medium of internet. This cloud-related applications normally use powerful servers and large data centers that work for hosting web services and web applications. Anybody with a standard browser and an appropriate internet connection can get hold of a cloud-related application.
The expression ‘cloud computing’ possibly emanate from the use of a cloud image for representing some large network environment or internet. The use of the term cloud is done as a metaphor for the internet. Cloud computing in fundamental nature is distributed computing. Cloud computing mainly access services and resources needed for performing various functions with rapidly changing needs.
There are quite a few important characteristics associated with a cloud computing environment. Multi-tenancy is a characteristic of cloud computing which ensures certain benefits like increased peak load capacity, efficiency developments for systems that are time and again underutilized, dynamic allocation of storage, CPU, and also network bandwidth, centralization of infrastructure and also lower costs. Reliability is generally improved in the use of cloud computing environment because service related providers make use of multiple redundant sites. This scenario creates an attractive prospect for enterprises for a business-oriented continuation and disaster recovery related reasons. Cloud computing has a better scalability option which can vary according to the change in user demand. Service providers generally manage the required infrastructure of cloud computing and therefore, the security is of vastly improved quality.
The cloud computing infrastructure allows enterprises to achieve greater efficiency in the use of information technology software and hardware investments. In the cloud computing system, the consumers can keep away from capital infrastructure by renting the usage from a third-party infrastructure. Separation and decoupling of the business service from the required infrastructure to run the process which transforms to virtualization is also possible. There is also an opportunity to reduce the costs because of operational efficiency and also a scope of faster deployment of newer business-related services. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Main Issues of Cloud Computing Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words)
Main Issues of Cloud Computing Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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