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How the E-Channels of WH Smith Can Be Revamped - Case Study Example

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From the paper "How the E-Channels of WH Smith Can Be Revamped" it is clear that globally there are websites that claim to be genuine online shopping websites but are frauds as they take orders and never return back to the customer. Interestingly, many webs are look-alikes for the renowned big names…
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Extract of sample "How the E-Channels of WH Smith Can Be Revamped"

Download file to see previous pages Consumer researches have revealed the fact that Smith has been facing downside in terms of daily customers, mainly losing these to online stores that are positioning themselves to attract customers, and transferring the customer loyalties. Evidence includes reports that confirmed the sales figures during Christmas falling by 1%. The upcoming sections of this report aim at analyzing the various aspects of Smith’s website and plans on how improvements can be made to its various aspects. The next section defines the context of usage of the website.
Bocij (2008) defines the context of usage as the utility of the website amongst the users i.e. how it is perceived and how its archeology is done. The context of usage is categorized as ‘design archeology’ and ‘identification of the context of use’ by McLeod (2008). Firstly, the design archeology is discussed as follows, and the tabular representation has been added in Appendix I of this report.
Within the design archeology, it has been determined that the objective of the business is to sell online – since online selling has a great many numbers of features associated with it and some are stated as below; these are stated as the advantages of online selling by Laudon (2009):
Laudon (2009) further states that there is a major downside of the e-business i.e. no competitive or cutting edge advantage remains sustainable over a longer period of time since it is observable by the competitor within the glimpse of an eye. Websites such as Amazon, keep a close eye on competitor movements, spying is common and thus, these businesses always stay one step ahead of their competition.
In accordance with the identification of the context of use, and the table formulated for its design features, the target audiences are basically convenience shoppers; the term ‘convenience’ is critical here. In accordance with Chaffey (2004), convenience shoppers are individuals who shop as per their conveniences; traditionally, this applied to corner grocery shops whereby the variety of products and services defined them as convenience stores i.e. a one-stop-shop.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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