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Software Engineering and Human Computer Interaction - Dissertation Example

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The paper “Software Engineering and Human-Computer Interaction” seeks to evaluate human-computer interaction which refers to employing computers and other technical systems in, for example, the process industry, or at home where video recorders and other gadgets are becoming part of our everyday lives…
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Software Engineering and Human Computer Interaction
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Extract of sample "Software Engineering and Human Computer Interaction"

Download file to see previous pages In order to consider Human-computer-interaction while developing software, we need to study the human being as well and how human and technology interact with each other. Human-computer-interaction hence is a multi-disciplinary area of study and practice, where experts from different areas, as an example, the behavioral sciences and software engineering, work together in analyzing and solving problems.
The answer is that, if we don't consider HCI, we will almost certainly run into problems at the end of the development process. Software developers have no idea what needs the users have, i.e. what is the reason the users will use the software and how.
One clear pre-requisite is that software engineers and everyone in the development team agree to concentrate on the end users needs, considering usability aspects. Otherwise, these aspects will be neglected. Moreover, the development team will need to understand how to organize the project so that Human-Computer-Interaction aspects can be integrated into practice. It calls a software development technique that clearly describes how usability aspects should be considered, usability expertise among the software development team and the software engineer, manager or an HCI expert being in charge for the usability of the system. One more important factor is user involvement in the software development process, for example by applying a user-centered approach called User-centred design or UCD.
In theory, User Centred Design (UCD) is simple, but in practice, it might be complicated. Even software engineering projects that truly take usability and the user-centered approach into account often face with problems.
Deadlines are inevitable issues. Projects need to meet the deadline and/or money they have in order to be able to focus on getting the usability and functionality in place and making the software system work.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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