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Oracle is a multi-national company that is based in United States, and its main interest of operation is on computer technology. The company specializes in the marketing and development of computer hardware…
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Oracle Corporation
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The company that I would like to work at is Oracle Corporation. Oracle is a multi-national company that is based in United States, and its main interest of operation is on computer technology. The company specializes in the marketing and development of computer hardware applications, and software enterprise products. Oracle Company is the second largest software technological company, after Microsoft (Zheng and Zhang, 2014). This is in terms of revenues that the company makes. The main reason as to why I have an interest in working with Oracle is based on the fact that it is one of the largest developers of computer software’s, and it has a stable source of revenue. Furthermore, chances of improving my career and skills is high, because the company values and rewards hard work. This is through motivational policies that encourage an individual to embark on learning of new skills. Oracle Corporation mainly relies on the principles of information technology to develop softwares and hardwares. The company technological products operate under the brand name of Oracle. These softwares and hardwares are mainly referred as Oracle projects, financials, procurements, HRMS, etc.
Oracle creates, markets, hosts and supports various middleware software, database, hardware systems, cloud infrastructure, and other related services all over the world. The company further provides hardware and software systems and other related services aimed at managing IT environments, and also deploying services in cloud software (Zheng and Zhang, 2014). Oracle also offers software’s for purposes of mobile computing, and middle ware as well as databases software that can help to manage business applications for small as well as large business organizations. Jones (2010) further explains that oracle provides software applications for talent management, human capital, financial management, and human relationship management.
The company was founded by Larry Ellison in the year 1977, and he became the chairman of the board of directors from the year 1990, to the year 2004Another founder of the company is Bob Miner who is the architect of the oracle database. He was in charge of leading the production and design of this database from the year 1977, to the year 1992 (Jones, 2010). He later on became a member of the board of directors. Another founder is Ed Oates, and he retired from the company in the year 1996. The current chairman of the company is Jeff Henley, who took over in the year 2004, from Larry Ellison.
Jeff played an instrumental role in hiring Mark Hurd as the president of the company in the year 2010. It is important to denote that Mark Hurd is amongst the top ranking influential business personalities in the world. Other top ranking individuals include Safra Catz, who is the co-president with Mark Hurd, Hassan Rizvi, the executive president in charge of java and fusion middleware, and Thomas Kurian, Vice president in charge of product development. Bowman (2012) explains that the company is controlled by the board of directors who are responsible for developing policies for the organization. The company also has two co-presidents, who report directly to the board of directors. One president is in charge of human services, the Asia Pacific region, and industries. Another president is in charge of accounting and planning (Zheng and Zhang, 2014). Immediately below the president is the Vice-Executive president. They are two, and they are the principal assistants of the president. Other departments are Marketing, Human Resource, Customer Service Security, and Business Units. These departments are headed by directors.
In conclusion, Oracle Corporation is a good company that an individual can work at. It has a stable market, and source of revenue. The company was formed in 1977, and it is second to Microsoft Corporation, in terms of revenues that it generates annually.
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