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Cyber Attacks against American Infrastructure - Research Proposal Example

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In the paper “Cyber Attacks against American Infrastructure” the author raises questions regarding management’s approach to protect the assets for preserving the wealth of stakeholders and seamless flow of running the business. Safeguarding computer systems is vital to modern day economy…
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Cyber Attacks against American Infrastructure
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Extract of sample "Cyber Attacks against American Infrastructure"

Download file to see previous pages According to Army Lt. Gen. Keith Alexander, CEO of National Security Agency said "Id like to say that our networks are secure but that would not be correct. We have vulnerabilities." (Gorman, 2009).
Simulated exercise to test the preparedness of America’s infrastructures gains cyber-terrorism yields similar results in each case. Exercises such as Blacks Ice, Blue Cascaded, and most recently Cyber-Shockwave have painted a disturbing picture of how vulnerable and unprepared America infrastructure is to cyber attacks. Cascading failures in the electric grid line, natural gas, water, telecommunication, transportation, and financial sector outlines the numerous vulnerabilities that private sector and federal government continue to face.
Black Ice was a scenario that described a major ice storm toppling Salt Lake City. The aftermath of the ice storm caused widespread damaged to high voltage bulk transmission lines that lead to rolling blackout throughout the state of Utah. The Black Ice exercise also demonstrated how interconnected the energy sector is with other sectors. In establishing an example, the water systems, the natural gas industry, and telecommunication depends on electric power. When electricity is affected, the ripple effect of other sectors will be impacted leading to widespread failures throughout the entire system. Finally, Black Ice exercise illustrated the struggle and chaos that emergency responders faced during Internet connection failure, cell phone overload, and telephone dysfunction – similar to what happened. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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