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Organizational Design of Google: Approaches and Applications - Case Study Example

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This case study describes the organizational design of Google and its approaches and applications. This paper outlines Google characteristics, thriving of chaos- the google way, theoretical perspectives, organizational approaches.  …
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Organizational Design of Google: Approaches and Applications
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Extract of sample "Organizational Design of Google: Approaches and Applications"

Download file to see previous pages The case study describes the Google way of working and as the case study puts it, “Google is a prime example of a company which not only embraces chaos but profits from it. Traditional business management was based on product manufacturing, sales, and distribution.” (Emerald Insight, 2007) Further, it goes on to describe how “Google recognizes that its most valuable resource is the thought-power of its employees. Google employees are paid to think, to experiment and to dare to take risks. Even if those risks go wrong, Google prefers to create a work environment where mistakes are seen as tools for learning and employees dare to try outrageous ideas.” (Emerald Insight, 2007)
This paper examines the case study from a mix of perspectives and analyses the points raised by it. The paper also recommends a future course of action for Google to follow and ensure that it stays ahead of the curve. The thrust of the conclusions is on how to maintain Google’s competitive edge in the midst of phenomenal growth.
Google is a phenomenon in itself. It has completely redefined the way in which users browse the internet. Given that the internet is a loose collection of millions (or more) websites, a centralized search engine was the answer to finding relevant information quickly and easily. When Larry Paige and Sergey Brian hit upon the idea in 1998, the concept of the search engine was still vague. Thus, Google’s success lies in tapping the search engine space and as it grew exponentially; it had to evolve into some kind of structured organization if it had to maintain its astounding growth rate.
The strength of Google is innovation and the workforce that prides itself on being “geeky” but resents formalized structures. Google derives its main strength from the way in which employees use their spare time to sound off on potential ideas that can be the “next big thing”. The weakness of Google lies in the way in which it is grappling with establishing formal governance structures. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Organizational Design of Google: Approaches and Applications Case Study.
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