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Activity on Node Network Diagram - Assignment Example

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In the paper “Activity on Node Network Diagram” the author analyzes an Activity on Node (AON) network diagram, which is initially developed to indicate the sequence of activities. Two critical paths (CP) have been identified as G-Q-P-R-K-S-T and G-Q-P-R-S-T. The expected completion time is 122 days…
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Activity on Node Network Diagram
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Download file to see previous pages A PDM diagram is plotted based on the data provided and is represented in Fig.2-1. The critical path is identified as B-E-F-G with a duration of 55 days. The indicative timeframe is 12 weeks (60 days) which suggests flexibility with the project duration. A Gantt chart is developed to correspond to the logic diagram, as shown in Fig.2-2. In Fig. 2-3, the resource histogram represents the resources required for each activity. As the resources for the project is constrained, resource-constrained leveling is applied to the histogram in Fig. 2-4. The leveling process involves scheduling activity D before day 40 and delaying activity E-F by 4 days. The final activity is G and only requires two resources. The project constraints can be overcome with the leveled histogram.
Q.3 An Activity On Node (AON) network diagram is developed to identify the sequence of the activities, as shown in Fig.3-1. The corresponding PDM is shown in Fig.3-2 where three different critical paths have been identified. The critical paths include A-E-H-J, B-E-H-J, and B-F-H-J with a duration of 22 days. The crash cost and savings are tabulated in Table 3-1. The project is initially crashed for a single day with the least expensive activity, namely H as shown in Table 3-2. The new project duration is 21 days and the PDM has been updated to reflect this data, as illustrated in Fig. 3-3. Consequently, one additional critical path occurs, bringing the total critical paths to four. Activity H is crashed again for a single day and the PDM is updated to correspond to 20 days. Fig.3-4 demonstrates 5 critical paths introduced after the second crash.
Activity J is the next least expensive option to crash according to Table 3-1. After updating the PDM for a reduced duration of 19 days, Fig. 3-5 shows 5 critical paths. The remaining days available to crash for J are used individually and represented in Fig. 3-6 and 3-7.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Activity on Node Network Diagram Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 Words)
Activity on Node Network Diagram Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 Words.
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