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The main goal of this paper is to provide a deep and comprehensive analysis of the new technology infrastructure implementation at Business Wear Ltd (BWL). This paper will recommend and provide a detailed overview of the different technology platforms appropriate for Business Wear Ltd (BWL)…
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Organisational Information System at Business Wear Ltd
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Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that the current age can be considered as the age of information technology as information technology is playing a most important role in almost every walk of life. The area of business is also extremely influenced by information technology, because, at present, organizations have modern and up-to-date tools and techniques for the management and handling of business activities and operations. The main intention behind the development and implementation of the modern and up-to-date techniques of information technology in the business and corporate structures is to enhance the overall corporate performance and enhanced management of the business data. In addition, information systems are essential for every organization that handles organizational business information and management process. Business Wear Ltd (BWL) is British formal menswear store chain. At present, this business is operated through the traditional ways of operation and business management. Business Wear Ltd (BWL) was established as a small business but presently it has a huge business setup that requires extensive business handling and management of operations. In this scenario, the need for effective business management can only be possible through the implementation of the useful information technology-based infrastructure. Business Wear Ltd (BWL) is UK based business, which was started as a small business and presently emerged as a new and high-class business structure that needs better business management and handling of the business operations. Presently Business Wear Ltd (BWL) is having 8 branches in 8 major British cities with a staff of 50 employees. In such a business set up, there is a vital need for better business management and synchronization among all different departments of the business. However, at present, the Business Wear Ltd (BWL) has different departments such as accounting, sales, HRM, marketing, logistics, and warehousing. The effective management of these business departments is really essential to get better business revenue and potential marketplace. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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