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Factors Influencing Company Use of Virtual Private Networks - Dissertation Example

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This paper “Factors Influencing Company Use of Virtual Private Networks” will explore why a great number of companies/institutions have recently opted for the Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). VPNs would be compared with the Wide Area Networks (WAN)s…
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Factors Influencing Company Use of Virtual Private Networks
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Extract of sample "Factors Influencing Company Use of Virtual Private Networks"

Download file to see previous pages Nowadays, decision-making networks managers may have decided to go for Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) because of the current changes in the Information Technologies (Its) in improving organizational communication channels that must be smooth, reliable and efficient (Rapp 2002, p. 21).
Wide Area Networks (WAN) was first accepted as a solution to the companies’ determination to communicate in a more secure environment, whether locally or internationally (Argenti & Forman 2002,pp.2-4 ). However, the cost of implementing WANs and the speed of data transmission is relatively slower and less secure. Therefore, companies had looked for another way to improve their communication transfer with reliable security using VPNs ( Tan 2003,p. 419; Cisco Systems 2004, pp.233-235).
This paper would highlight some great technical factors why decision-making networks managers prefer Virtual Private Networks (VPN) over Wide Area Networks (WANs). What are these discretionary factors? Do they contribute to the overall managerial accountability of the concerned organizations? Would these factors help the companies produce high-quality goods/services through efficient communication networks among their organizations’ departments? This report would be useful for decision-making by a group of experts including Networks Administrators, Network Managers, Executives and most importantly all the people involved in the Network Technology decision-making in the Universities. The main point here is that better communication networks will result in better organizational management, which is true for all categories of industries. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Factors Influencing Company Use of Virtual Private Networks Dissertation.
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