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Private Internet Usage in the Workplace and Privacy - Research Paper Example

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This paper “Private Internet Usage in the Workplace and Privacy” is a critical evaluation of internet usage in the workplace. It discusses the concept of private internet usage in the workplace and privacy. It also evaluates why organizations should be concerned about employees’ use of the internet…
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Private Internet Usage in the Workplace and Privacy
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Extract of sample "Private Internet Usage in the Workplace and Privacy"

Download file to see previous pages Employees who have access to the internet in their workplace often tend to believe that the information they access or send from their computers is private, especially where it requires somebody to use passwords in order to log in to the site. If one does not have the password, it is not easy to access such a private site. These include private information sites such as e-mail as well as other websites which someone is able to access private information. However, with recent developments, employers are able to apply certain tools that enable them to access private information concerning their employees. In many circumstances, employers try to access private information in order to ascertain that the employees do not engage in activities that may expose the organization’s strategies to competitors. Moreover, the major purpose of investing in the internet within the workplace is usually for the good of the organization (Daunt 2009). It is, therefore, assume that since workers should operate as a team to accomplish organizational goals, there is no need to have some information hidden through passwords. Just as the management has the mandate to direct on the usage of types of equipment belonging to an organization, computers are also under its control. It has to ensure that they are used for purposes concerning the improvement of worker productivity and not for private purposes. However, as it is for humans, every employee who has an opportunity to access the internet tends to have some private sites which can not be shared. Sometimes it may not be destructive information, but they can not allow others to know what they are doing behind their desks. They usually hide it especially to conceal the fact that they engage in private activities while they should be involved in the organization’s work. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Private Internet Usage in the Workplace and Privacy Research Paper - 2.
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