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Employee Privacy Report - Essay Example

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Student ID Lecturer Submission Date University Employee Privacy Report At my workplace, the e-mail use, the Internet use and the privacy policies are in accordance with the laws that govern the business organization. This means that each and every aspect of the technological usage has been covered at length…
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Employee Privacy Report
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Download file to see previous pages Then again, this is a significant undertaking that takes place within an organization and my workplace has definitive rules and policies which need to be followed at all times. The e-mail usage is such that employees use it to converse with one another within the workplace. It is used for transferring files to one another, and to make sure that the employees remain in constant touch. It is also employed to set up meeting timings and to apprise the staff at large regarding the changes happening within the workplace settings. The Internet usage is mostly for gaining some news that is available through different news websites, newspapers and other similar ones so that the employees know exactly what is going on throughout the world. Also they are allowed to make use of search engines like Yahoo!, Google and others to find queries which they have from time to time. The privacy policy therefore covers the different aspects which surround the employee usage of the e-mail premise and the Internet. The current laws regulating employee e-mail and Internet privacy surround the basis of understanding that the employees involve themselves within work and abstain from personal assignments and undertakings. However, there is no hard and fast rule that disallows them from checking their personal e-mail and browsing on social networking websites. But then again they have been told clearly through the policy that governs the technological use that they must conduct their own selves in a very direct way and be loyal to the company’s resources at all times. Their demeanor should be such that they abstain from indulging too much in social networking domains yet reveal their social side in a quantifiable manner as well. There are definitive notions attached with how e-mail usage is allowed on the part of the employees and how Internet privacy must be told to all and sundry within the business enterprise. The laws are very much present within the organization and their promulgation is being manifested by the relevant people who are sitting within the workplace entities. Regulating employee e-mail is an important element of understanding how liberal the laws are and what can be achieved from these laws in essence. This regulation is all the more fundamental because employees can waste time when they are at work and indulge in acts which are unbecoming of them in the long run. This asks for the proper incorporation of the regulations and the privacy policy which exists at the workplace so that employees give in their best, time and time again. The companies implement e-mail and Internet use policies because they feel they need to keep a check on their employees on a regular basis. Also these companies require of their employees to give in their best on a consistent basis and this can only take place once they know that the e-mail and Internet usage are in affordable proportions. Since social media and Internet usage is increasing on a daily basis, it is only fundamental to think of devising policies which restrict the excessive use of the e-mail and the Internet. This is the reason why many companies have adopted such mechanisms so that there are minimal issues at hand and managing the e-mail and Internet usage is under controllable realms. However, there still are cases where employees go over the top and indulge in acts which are forbidden within the business enterprise. This is the time when correct e-mail and Inter ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Employee Privacy Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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