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Proposal - Assignment Example

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Issues At Workplace Health & Safety Shakeel [Pick the date] Contents Abstract 3 Introduction 4 Issue at hand 4 Discussion and Solutions to Issues 6 Responsibilities of Employers and Employees 6 Hygiene Control 7 Noise Pollution 7 Sexual Harassment 8 Out of date Equipment 8 Bullying 9 Conclusion 10 Recommendations 10 References 12 Abstract Reflective journal does in recording tensions that are generally faced in the workplace…
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Extract of sample "Proposal"

Download file to see previous pages Introduction Working in an organization requires that an employee gives their best but the workplace safety and health concern is one of the main issues in workplace due to which performance of the organization declines (Dana & Griffin, 1999). In an occupational environment, health and safety basically entails is the focus that quality of work is affected by the poor arrangements or the unfriendly work environment that habitats the office. The health safety in workplace not only refers to the physical aspects of the person that are affected in a bad way but also the impact on the psyche and mental health of the employee or the employer himself (Dennis, 1997). Ensuring health and safety in a workplace is not only the responsibility of the employer or the organization that a person works in, but also the responsibility of the employer (Jackson et al, 2009). As in any other relationship, where you get certain rights, there are also certain responsibilities that you have to adhere to as well; May it be a parent child relationship, husband wife or in this case between an employee and organization. This would be further discussed later with the solution to the case problem. Issue at hand What I have been able to gather from the reflective journal is that this issue of safety in the workplace is not only limited to the psychological problems that are faced by the employees in the workplace. One of the main problems that have been at hand is the noise pollution that the employees have had to tolerate while they go about daily work. The fact of the matter is that the office is situated in a place where a lot of traffic passes and lot of noise is directed towards the workplace. The biggest problem faced because of this is that the concentration level is hindered while working and several neurological abilities may also have lasting effect on them due to excessive noise (, 2013). Sexual harassment is one of the major factors that contribute to the detriments that are posed to the workplace. This is not just about some minor suggestive remarks, innuendos, friendly jokes or pat on the back; it is about the serious suggestive behavior that some the team members, especially the females, encounter while working with the other members of the organization. What it does is not only make them threatened and insecure but also affect their work as a team which is not something that anyone at the workplace wants as a regularity because it is a fact that the better the team performs, the better it reflects on everyone because even though there is no I in a team. Another problem is the poor hygiene that is kept at the workplace. It is in no way, shape or form to suggest that the workplace is only a dirty place, but the standards of cleanliness at the workplace is not something that contributes to the welfare of the workings in the team. A person has to be responsible about the hygiene around him, but what would happen when the trash in the office is not cleaned up way till noon. Poor hygiene in the workplace not only gets people sick and but enables employees in cashing in on their sick leaves in a calendar year. The unfriendly atmosphere also makes employees cranky, which further down the line actually exacerbates the already stressed out employee (, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Proposal Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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