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Globally Optimized Operations TLMT 441 - Research Paper Example

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The contemporary dynamic and complex global business environment is increasingly forcing many businesses to globally optimize supply chain operations in order to overcome some of the current operating challenges. In logistics, the concept of global optimization involves the use…
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Globally Optimized Operations TLMT 441 Research paper
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Download file to see previous pages Globally optimized operations are increasingly being used by companies in the real world business situation, to enhance their profits. As opposed to the traditional approach of seeking independent opportunities for the improvement of the business operations, companies can increase their profits by considering the various broader subsets of the business and observing how each of the major processes affect each other. For example, a business can in the case of a shop scheduling, a business organization can look a the logistics of the delivery of raw materials for the shop as well as the various details of post production inventory shipping, retailing and marketing. This critically analyzes the concept of global optimized operations with particular focus to its contemporary and future application in logistics and supply chain management.
According to Laurence (2009), companies can effectively use global optimization solutions to optimize their operations such as sourcing, production, procurement, production and distribution processes at the same time. Globally optimized operations deals with the sets and functions of the optimization in a given criteria. In this regard, the optimization operations consist of a particular constraint with a set of bounds.
In the set of bounds and constraints, the variables being considered are optimized. According Ballou (2007), Supply Chain Management is currently viewed as the management of a set of processes, in whereby each process is made up of activities relevant to achieving a particular objective. For example, some of the major processes in involved in SCM include customer management, customer relationship management, order fulfillment, demand management, supplier relationship management, manufacturing flow management and returns management among others. In global optimized ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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