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Wireless Personal Area Network's Opportunities - Article Example

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This article “Wireless Personal Area Network's Opportunities ” is dedicated to the analysis of a computer network arranged near a person by connecting all the communication devices around him. The author digs out how the PAN has been evolved to the up-to-date possibilities.
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Wireless Personal Area Networks Opportunities
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Download file to see previous pages The history of PAN can be traced back to as early as 1982 when Thomas Zimmerman was still developing the data glove (BookRags). This project then was conducted at the Almaden Research Center of International Business Machine ( IBM) with the aim of making the human body transmit information similar to that of a copper cable. Initially, the PAN was developed strictly for game purposes but the concept took a spin when the developers thought of making the body a transmitter of electronic information through the data glove. During that time, IBM was collaborating with a world-class cellist known as Yo-Yo Ma in the hope that they can enhance the instrument's performance. Interestingly, the scientists discovered that a source of interference in their experiment were the signals passing through the cellists’ body.
A WPAN (wireless personal area network ) is a sample of PAN which is currently used nowadays. One fundamental concept in using WPAN is plugging in which makes it popular since it is very convenient to use. In fact, when two devices are just within a few meters of each other, they can communicate as if they were connected by a cable. It is also possible to make these devices communicate to a central server even within a few kilometers. For example, a person that carries with him a laptop containing information can be transferred to the PDA of his friend during their meeting in an outdoor café by using Bluetooth. Another instance could be exemplified by two people sending images to each other cellphones using infrared.   
Wireless PANs commonly use Bluetooth or infrared; thus, it can only contain less than 255 devices which can communicate within a 33-foot range suitable for a small office set-up. In a wireless PAN initialization, a device is selected that will play the role of a controller enabling communication within the WPAN. Thereafter, the controller “broadcasts a beacon “that synchronizes all the device together. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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