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Is Internet Marketing Better Than Traditional Marketing - Research Paper Example

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The research paper "Is Internet Marketing Better Than Traditional Marketing?" describes the evolution of Internet Marketing from traditional marketing. The author of this work demonstrates differences between these kinds of marketing, show advantages and possibilities of the Internet in this sphere, but also problems that can occur; new technologies and extensive progress in marketing. …
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Is Internet Marketing Better Than Traditional Marketing
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Extract of sample "Is Internet Marketing Better Than Traditional Marketing"

Download file to see previous pages “Marketing is the group of institutions, actions, and activities for producing, communicating, allocating, and exchanging offerings that have worth and value for consumers, customers, affiliates, and culture/society at large.” (Marketing definition approved in October 2007 by the American Marketing Association:) According to (Kotler 1996, p. 924) “Marketing is the common and administrative method by which individuals and groups acquire what they need and want through creating an offering, and exchanging products of value with others”.
Marketing has a very long history it was started after the early industrialization of commercial goods. In pre-modern financial systems, the prevalence of small ventures and/or natural local monopolies militated alongside the acceptance of marketing as a separate ground of knowledge and expertise (Troy, 2004, p. 2). The augment of economics as a regulation, mainly in the 19th century, tiled the means for studies of marketing. But the expansion in volume and scope of on a national scale and universal economies in the course of the industrial uprising guided in due course to transcendence of informal retailing and marketing modernisms and to end with to systematization. Marketing came out as a different technical area merely in the late 19th century (Ref-14- The Evolution of Internet Marketing, 2005, P3).
As new technology comes into view, the way of living and techniques of business have changed. Modern technology provides lots of facilities regarding production and development. As this production enlarged the need for the distribution of these products to their target customers was also emerged. Internet marketing is the best way that has provided more potency and access to international marketing of products. Traditional marketing and its techniques turn out to less efficient to defeat the need for more targeted and wide marketing (Charles, 2007, p290). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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