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Opportunities, Quality of Service and Risks/Threats of VoIP - Research Proposal Example

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This research proposal aims to study the significance of the quality of service, opportunities and benefits and various types of risks and threats that are concerns for VoIP. The first section of the paper covers the research question and objectives, followed by literature review and methodology …
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Opportunities, Quality of Service and Risks/Threats of VoIP
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Extract of sample "Opportunities, Quality of Service and Risks/Threats of VoIP"

Download file to see previous pages Every technology comes with impartial risks. The same case can be applied with VoIP. The business of securing data is becoming more important and relevant each day. There are several instances when critical business systems are compromised regularly and used by unauthorized persons for illegal use. Some of the recent instances are; Seisint (Lexis-Nexis research), ChoicePoint, Bank of America, PayMaxx Inc, and DSW Shoe Warehouses. Seisint, which has information about 310,000 people, was hacked. The information mainly consists of names, addresses, and social security number. ChoicePoint allowed criminals to buy the private identity and credit information of more than150,000 customer accounts. Bank of America announced that it had “lost” tapes containing information on over 1.2 million federal employee credit cards. PayMaxx Inc. suffered a security lapse that may have exposed financial data on as many as 100,000 workers. DSW Shoe Warehouses revealed that credit card data from about 100 of its stores had been stolen from a company computer over (Porter et al. 2006). Although these are the cases related to data network or it can be said to relate to internet. But all the above cases can be considered too for VoIP, as it uses the same protocol as used by the internet. Also various threats that are related to internet will be applicable for VoIP network too. Some of the common threats are virus, Trojan horse, worm, denial of service attack or VoIP service Disruption, call hijacking and interception, ARP Spoofing, H.323-Specific attacks, and SIP-Specific attacks. All the parameters and security that are involved and used by data network and internet can be applicable for VoIP also.
One major concern that is said for the VoIP is the quality of services that it provides.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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