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Wi-Fi Implementation in Hospitality Industries - Term Paper Example

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"Wi-Fi Implementation in Hospitality Industries" paper states that Wi-Fi technology has quickly been adopted by hotels and resorts to keep up and competitive, improve the quality of guest services. The author discusses business issues and strategies behind adapting Wi-Fi technology in hotels…
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Wi-Fi Implementation in Hospitality Industries
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Extract of sample "Wi-Fi Implementation in Hospitality Industries"

Download file to see previous pages Users can access the network within a specified range without any physical contact with the main server. This facility has been made available to the users by the introduction of modulation techniques into networking. In order to keep up and competitive hotels and resorts they must consider what is happening in the world around them and looking for additional courses, internet access is a key factor to attract business customers to hotels. Wi-Fi technology has quickly been adopted by hotels and resorts to keep up and competitive, improve the quality of guest services, increase revenue. 

Wireless fidelity or Wi-Fi is a communication technique extensively used by many companies for being ‘always in touch’ with clients, employees, service providers, etc. The service-oriented industries, in particular, are the ones reaping maximum benefit out of this technique. Wi-Fi, in general, is also termed as "wireless LAN." But it has a wider scope and dimension than a LAN. In Wi-Fi, products from different manufacturers with a set of specifications can work effectively. It is a very convenient and quick method to hook online at home, the office and when traveling. Any Wi-Fi enabled computer can hook on the internet and surf the desired information. WiMAX is an improvement over Wi-Fi, in which the coverage area is broadened like that of a cell phone network and there is no need to look for the small WiFi hotspots. This system too is in the evolutionary stage. WiMAX is short for ‘Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access’, and it is also known by the name IEEE 802.16. In practical terms, the operation of WiMAX is similar to WiFi but at comparatively higher speeds, over a greater area and for a much greater number of users. This service is somewhat similar to the mobile phone services, where we get signal on our mobile almost everywhere, depending upon the mobile transmitter/ repeater towers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Wi-Fi Implementation in Hospitality Industries

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