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IT Management Overview of Open Source Software and Business - Research Paper Example

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In the "Overview of Open Source Software and Business Research" paper various area of open source software is discussed. Initially, the open-source philosophy is discussed. In this what is open source, some definitions and a brief history of the open-source software is given?…
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IT Management Overview of Open Source Software and Business Research
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Extract of sample "IT Management Overview of Open Source Software and Business"

Download file to see previous pages It has provided a very positive impact as an enabler for the creation of new markets and business opportunities. But depending upon the person some people still think that it is a temporary fashion in the software industry another, on the contrary, believes that changes caused by open source will be deep enough and will shape the software industry of the first decade of the 21st century.

What is Open Source Software? : One can not define the Open Source Software in a few words, because of many categories and variants that exist for Open Source Software. But it is not complicated and the term ‘Open Source Software’ itself gives an idea about it. Now before giving definition from various people about Open Source Software, first look at what general people think about Open Source Software.
General Idea of Open Source Software: The term ‘Open Source’ in Open Source Software refers to the user’s freedom of use, redistribution, etc. One can not assume that Open Source Software and Free Software are the same things. Because free is meant to like freedom and gratis both in free software. Gratis software refers to the software that has zero acquisition cost. It is a good idea to state clearly that open source software does not have to be gratis. Even more, it usually is not, or at least, not completely. The main features that characterize open source software are the freedom that users have to; Use the software as they wish, Redistribute the software to other users, Have the software at their disposal to fit it to their needs. Users can use the software in as many computers as they wish and for any technically appropriate situation. Users can improve, fix bugs, study open-source software’s operation and functionality.

It can be made clear for open source software that is about freedom, and no obligation. That is, users of an open-source program can modify it if they feel it is appropriate. But in any case, they are not forced to do so. In the same way, they can redistribute it, but in general, they are not forced to do so. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(IT Management Overview of Open Source Software and Business Research Paper, n.d.)
IT Management Overview of Open Source Software and Business Research Paper.
(IT Management Overview of Open Source Software and Business Research Paper)
IT Management Overview of Open Source Software and Business Research Paper.
“IT Management Overview of Open Source Software and Business Research Paper”.
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