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Drupal Open Source - Research Paper Example

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The focus of this paper is on Drupal as an open source software package that enables users to easily organize, manage and publish their content, with an endless variety of customization.  Drupal has several areas with identifiable opportunities for improvements…
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Drupal Open Source
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Extract of sample "Drupal Open Source"

Download file to see previous pages This paper explores the component and contribution to the root concept. High-level vision An Application where developers are able easily to organize, manage and publish their content, with an endless variety of customization. Basic Rationale Availability of Apache Solr integration module. The taxonomy concepts are easily hooked onto Apache Solr for filtering based on meta-information, such as tags, authors, publications, etc. in Drupal, an author can be part of a taxonomy and user profiles can be made for these authors - by default ability to write Themes using PHP Template, instead of depending upon Typo script Ability to handle a large quantity (over 1000) of diverse sites Central management tools Integration with Active Directory Stakeholder group In general, man, woman, students, working people. Computer programmers Starting assumption Improvements and re-designing will be done from the existing versions to a more stable and user-friendly application. Field Study Guides extracted from the user's e-mail forums 1. How many people use Drupal? Why? 2. How many sites have been created using Drupal? 3. How often is Drupal used? 4. Which difficulties are encounter during usage? 5. What do users like most about Drupal? 6. Is Drupal a viable solution for the user’s website? Does it have any limited functionality? 7. Do users encounter problems when Installing Drupal? Which are they? 8. What are the most important features Drupal has? 9. Is there anything that users do not like about Drupal? If so, what are they? 10. Under what conditions users don’t like Drupal and why? Examples. 11. What are the additional features Drupal does not have but users consider important and can improve the situations? Field data collection(answers to the Field Study Guides extracted from the user's e-mail forums) 1. What is the function of Drupal and why do users choose to use Drupal? Drupal is used to create websites. It is used because of Advanced URL Control, Custom Content Types, and Views, Revision Control, User Management, Excellent Documentation, Large and Friendly Community 2. How many sites have been created using Drupal? Drupal has been used to create several very important website which includes; The United, Nations, Warner Brothers Records, The Discovery Channel, Forbes, The Grateful Dead, AOL, Yahoo,, The New York Observer, The Onion, Aaron Wall's 3. How often is Drupal used? Drupal is used often in the creation of the website. 4. Which difficulties are encounter during the usage? There are several problems that are encountered as during the use of Drupal application. They include obscure terminologies, lack of realistic previews, limited functionalities. Among others What do users like most about Drupal? Because of: well interaction of plug-in with its core, it is secure, Drupal can do blogging 5. Is Drupal a viable solution for the user’s website? Does it have any limited functionality? Yes, although it has some limited functionality 6. Do users encounter problems when Installing Drupal? Which are they? Yes, uninstalling modules fails; whenever a user attempts to install Drupal he gets this "Table variable already exists" 7. What are the most important features Drupal has? Flexibility, Good Governance, Contributed Code, Large Vendor Pool, Scalability  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Drupal Open Source Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
“Drupal Open Source Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words”, n.d.
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