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Building a Web-Based System To Store Client and Booking Information - Dissertation Example

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This project “Building a Web-Based System To Store Client and Booking Information” shall deliver an integrated system for client contact and profile information, engineer availability, and installation/support guides accessible through a web-based form for Tequme Ltd…
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Building a Web-Based System To Store Client and Booking Information
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Extract of sample "Building a Web-Based System To Store Client and Booking Information"

Download file to see previous pages Second, as the project involves considerable testing of the system, it is assumed that the organization shall provide the proponent with access to anonymous client data for testing. This prevents potential data protection issues further into the project.
Third, as the project requires considerable consultation with its future users to ensure responsiveness to organizational needs, it is assumed that continued access to the Tequme workplace and its engineers shall be provided. Mr. Kevin Fortune, a Director, has approved this need for access.
Fourth, as management support is an essential component in any change initiative, it is assumed that key managers shall be involved in the project. The proponent shall report directly to Mr. Kevin Fortune, a Director at Tequme.
Lastly, as resource availability is another essential component in enabling change, it is assumed that further resource requirements that go beyond the use of the proponent’s personal computing equipment shall be provided by Tequme. It has been agreed that this provision may include software licenses that may be required by the proponent.
Project Scope
The project shall limit itself to the development of an integrated, web-based solution that primarily addresses the need for improved access to (1) client contact information; (2) engineer availability data; and (3) support and installation guides. Should the need to introduce other features arise, these features may be considered for implementation, provided these do not result in unacceptable breaches in terms of technical, financial, and time constraints. It is also assumed that the addition of such features will still enable the proponent to develop the deliverables as required by the University. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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