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This essay presents a website as an excellent resource to get an idea about how water footprint provides insight into the way different countries utilize their water resources by observing the larger countries that are economically significant and have larger footprints…
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Water Footprint
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Water footprint Question 2 In my opinion, the website is an excellent resource to get an idea about how water footprint provides insight into the way different countries utilize their water resources. I have observed that larger countries that are economically significant have larger footprints, which is perhaps a way of saying that their economies are growing, since a major limitation in the economic growth of countries is the availability of water resources. In this regard, USA, China and India appear quite significant. Additionally, I have observed that regions of earth like the north Africa have scarce water resources, and hence both their water footprint as well as their economic growth are minimal. So, they have to rely on imports to meet their needs and in the process they have to spend their valuable resources to import from countries that have abundant water resources and hence sound growing economies. This clearly indicates that the knowledge about water footprint is essential to understand how different countries are performing on a global scale. Read More
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Water Footprint Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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