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Attributes and Primary Keys of the ERD - Coursework Example

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The purpose of the paper “Attributes and Primary Keys of the ERD” is to discuss the ERD diagram, an analysis tool that helps users to identify entity types and their underlying domains, relationship types, attributes, high-level ERD constructs…
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Attributes and Primary Keys of the ERD
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Download file to see previous pages SoniDream is the company, forming one of the entities. Within it, there several other entities, derived from their various attributes. I, therefore, consider how each of the following has different characteristics from the other (Moreira et al. 2013, p.455).
 The company, with the main office headquartered in London. A company as an entity must have attributes such as physical location. In this case, its physical address in London. A company must also have the people who run it. Using this knowledge, I identified members of staff who fall into different categories and play different roles. They include studio managers, sound engineers, and van drivers.
 Recording studios distributed over different parts of London. Studios are fixed entities and must, therefore, have their physical locations. In this case of the studios are in London and the other 8 are located in different parts of the UK.
 Equipment used in the studio is an entity and must be comprised of different pieces. In this case, they included recorder, mixing desks, studio monitors, controllers, microphones, converters, musical instruments, and other music accessories. The different entities are joined by different relationships.
 3. I identified the main relationship types for SonicDream using a hierarchical order. A relationship type is an association between two or more entity types. Relationship types may associate an entity type with itself. In such a case the roles of the entity types in the relationship type will be listed on the edges like shown in the ERD in part 1. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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