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Expert system: it is a very vital aspect of computer that evaluates data and also has the capability of giving the required recommendations (Oz, 2009)…
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The Five Examples Of The Information System
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Computer Science The five examples of the information system are Expert system: it is a very vital aspect of computer that evaluates data and also has the capability of giving the required recommendations (Oz, 2009). Among other things dealt with in this category is diagnosis and controlling of information in using the computer
2. Management information system: this is also a system that utilizes the already collected data and is applicable in making reports.
3. Information system in an organization: some of the key functions and duties conducted by the information system of the organization is the collection and storage of important data.
4. Transaction processing system: vital in the transaction.
5. Decision support system: vital in making the crucial decisions that depend on the data analyzed
The difference between IT, MIS
MIS is a discipline that deals with larger infrastructure as compared to the IT that merely deals with smaller infrastructure as compared to the MIS; it heavily depends on the transmission of the data besides collection of that data (Oz, 2009).
Oz, E. (2009). Management information systems. Boston, Mass: Thomson/Course Technology. Read More
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