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However, from your response it seems that you are against actions that fight piracy. When you indicate that the three strike policy is ridiculous and disagree with making ISPs assist in enforcing copyright,…
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Information Policy
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COPYRIGHT, PATENTS & TRADEMARKS Comment I do agree that piracy can be both a criminal issue and a civil issue. However,from your response it seems that you are against actions that fight piracy. When you indicate that the three strike policy is ridiculous and disagree with making ISPs assist in enforcing copyright, it seems as though you are for piracy. Do you believe that copyrights and trademarks deserve protection?
I believe that trademarks and copyright are worth protecting. Someone’s hard work, originality and sacrifice should not be allowed to go to waste. However, I also agree that copywriters should find more innovative ways of marketing their products and charge reasonable for them. All should protect copyrights especially by ISPs and the government. ISPs allow access to content, and, therefore, they must ensure that they do not promote piracy by supporting copyrights. I also agree that redirecting a domain is not sufficient, and the ICE should confiscate all servers and arrest domain owners that support piracy.
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Google does own YouTube, but both run on entirely different domains. Google and YouTube can both be easily shut down as they not top level domains. Top level domains are those that are owned by countries. Top level domains are protected by courts and cannot be shut down. Google is not a top level domain and can easily be shut down if it violates copyright law. However, the closure of a massive search giant like Google might vastly affect the internet.
Copyright issues can easily be tracked through algorithms and digital signatures. Google already uses algorithms to track companies that violate copyright issues and blacklists them. Use of digital signature to accompany copyrighted products can protect copyrights. Programs are already in place to encode copyrighted materials with digital signatures. Materials without the signature are tracked to their source, and the pirates can then be apprehended.
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