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In the report, it is underlined that program risk can be defined as a measure of uncertainties that any aspect of a program will perform its required functions under the required schedule and performance constraints…
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Risk Management and Security Threat
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Risk Management and Security Threat Analysis
Program risk can be defined as a measure of uncertainties that any aspect of a program will perform its required functions under the required schedule and performance constraints. These program aspects include design process, performance indicators and operational needs.
Institutional needs can be defined as the probability that an organization will not be able to meet its organizational objectives thorough the available resources and constraints. Such risks may include systems failure, inability to meet program costs and system security breaches [Rob02].
The Department of Veterans Affairs has incorporated security measures into its risk management framework. In order to cater for program risk, the department has employed security experts who are competent enough to manage programs and risks associated with them. The department has also improved their detection systems as well as employing security measures such as use of strong passwords. One of the measures to cover institutional risk in the risk management framework is diversification of products and benefits to veterans[SOP14].
There exists some differences between the three reports. One difference is their content. One report is about the threats that come about with new technology platforms while the other is about the evolution of malwares to becoming smarter, shadier and stealthier. This happens when the malware authors develop more effective malware that can easily camouflage and go undetected by program users and owners. The second difference is that one report, the later report of 2014, is about the advancements made by malware developers and how malware has developed dangerously. The 2013 report is about how development and advancements in technology have opened up new opportunities for malware developers. This difference sensitizes web users that virtually all the internet segments are under risk. The third difference is that the 2013 report mentions android as one of the prime targets of malware and paints a picture that android is highly vulnerable while the 2014 report mentions the advancements made in malware that is targeted at android operating systems. This is significant in sensitizing users on the potential threats to android that exist. [SOP13].
The key threats should be addressed by developing more and better solutions to software security. This is because efforts against security threats can only be successful if the efforts are well ahead of the threats. Government should initiate programs that will encourage growth and development of antimalware. Professionals need to get smarter by the day. This is because if for every new platform there will be accompanying security measures, then the risks brought by security threats will be greatly reduced. The Department of Veterans Affairs employs experts, uses rapid detection systems and has discontinued the use of Java platform in their systems thus reducing chances of attack by malware [Dep14].
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(Risk Management and Security Threat Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 39)
Risk Management and Security Threat Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 39.
“Risk Management and Security Threat Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 39”, n.d.
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