Cyber securiy and cloudl computing - Research Proposal Example

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This is because of how important the internet has become as part of the day to day existence of man. What is more, the internet has…
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Cyber securiy and cloudl computing
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Download file to see previous pages several information technology (IT) based processing including cloud computing, social media networking, international communication, and global positioning system (GPS) navigation. Another aspect of the revolution is accessibility of the internet, whereby it has become easier for a person to have access to the internet today than two decades back. With the use of media devices such as smart phones, smart watches, and tablet computers, the internet is today one of the most portable technological inventions that can fit into every corner and space (Ziltrain, 2008). Indeed it cannot be denied that the revolution that has characterised the internet has several benefits to offer the ordinary user. In the estimation of Rehmeyer (2007), not only does the use of the internet today offers advantages but that the absence or non-usage of the internet comes with so much discomfort and disadvantages. Even though this position cannot be debated, the risks and vulnerabilities that the complexity of the internet poses to individual, organisations and nations cannot be denied.
In the opinion of Owens and Lin (2009), the best way to make the most out of the internet in today’s complex dynamic Web 2.0 environment is to ensure adequate cyber security for users. Without this, the list of how beneficial the internet is in today’s environment can go on but the real value that is expected to be derived may never be achieved to its fullest. The reason for this claim is that as news of cyber breaches continues to flood the airwaves, people become sceptical about their fate in using the complex and dynamic Web 2.0 for various purposes including cloud computing and electronic commerce (e-commerce) (Ziltrain, 2008). In such an atmosphere of mistrust and fear, the Web 2.0 will be seen as useful only for some of the most conventional purposes that come with limited or no risk such as gaming, information search, and downloading. Meanwhile as it has been hinted already, there are several ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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