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Prior to this course, I considered security management as the manner in which activities of keeping various aspects of an organizations are conducted to make sure that the organization or aspects of the organization remain protected from outside threats. This course has made the…
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Your interest in Security Management
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Topic: Security Management Understanding security management Prior to this I considered security management as the manner in which activities of keeping various aspects of an organizations are conducted to make sure that the organization or aspects of the organization remain protected from outside threats. This course has made the definition of security management clearer through defining it as the process of identifying the assets of the organization including those that deal with information, then developing, documenting and implementing policies that will safeguard the identified assets (Sennewald, 2003). Firms use security management procedures and processes like categorization of information, assessment of risks in order to identify threats, rating the susceptibility of systems and categorizing assets in order to come up with effective controls. In security management, the prevention of loss emphasizes on the critical assets of the organization and the manner which they are to be safeguarded. One of the essential parts of the prevention of loss is assessment of the possible threats to effectively achieving the company’s goal. This is supposed to include the possible opportunities which further the goals, balance the possibilities and determine the effects while implementing measures that will minimize or complete eliminate the threats.
Security risk management is the area of the management of security that I am most interested in, and it applies the ideologies of risk management in managing threats to security. It entails the identification of threats, assessment of the effectiveness of the controls that are already in existence to deal with the threats, determination of the ramifications of the risk, ranking the risks through rating their probabilities and effects, classification of the form of risk as well as suitable responses to the risks (Sennewald, 2003).
Sennewald, C. (2003). Effective security management. Amsterdam: Butterworth-Heinemann. Read More
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