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The world wide web has enabled on-line customers to view and compare prices and quality of products before purchasing them on-line (Robert, 2001). Companies like…
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Technology Guide
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Technology Guide The creation and advancement of the Internet have completely changed the way people buy and sell goods or services. The world wide web has enabled on-line customers to view and compare prices and quality of products before purchasing them on-line (Robert, 2001). Companies like Amazon, E-bay ad Alibaba use intelligent systems that allow customers to compare quality and prices of goods and read reviews from other customers before purchasing them.
The golf shop owned by Harrison Kirby can benefit by incorporating intelligent business system used by e-commerce websites as marketing and as a point of sale. Business tools like Indix, Connect Multichannel, Retail Connect and Robin e-commerce customer service. The most advanced of the tools that I recommend are Indix and Connect Multichannel, which can be integrated with Retail Connect. Indix software solution is available on-line at The solutions that can be realized by using indix software are; real-time inclusion of product pricing, availability of the products, other channels where the products can be located, competition attributes and an assortment of the products. The software can be acquired as a mobile application or an API that can be directly integrated with the golf shop. The API has advanced functions that will benefit the golf shop. The search function of the API returns names of stores with product and IDs, product brand names and product suggestions in the same category (Indix, 2015). The advanced search of the software will return detailed catalog information of the product from all the stores where it is sold. It also returns the price information from the across all the stores offering the product. Finally, the software will provide information on all the prices the product was sold at in the past month.
Connect Multichannel and Retail Connect are provided by the website. The software can be implemented separately of as one bundle into the golf shop. The software offers a central place for stock control, advanced reporting on sales and product details from different channels (Intelligence Retail, 2015). The software also has an inbuilt functionality that automatically connects to Amazon; eBay and Google Products Connect. It will allow the golf shop to sells its products through the more trusted channels like Amazon and Ebay. This will eventually increase the sales of products from the golf shop.
Golf Shop Websites Review
Company Name
Product Information
It offers detailed specifications about the size, manufacturer of the product.
It provides a detailed description of a product and several other brands. Links back to the manufacturer website.
Yes. A detailed product information including specifications and prices. Does not link to the manufacturer of the product.
Customer Reviews
No- There is no section of customer reviews.
Yes- contains a section for customer reviews.
Yes- It has a section of customer reviews.
Related product Information
Yes- contains a list of other featured products in the golf industry.
Yes – Includes a broad range of information on golf related products.
Yes – Contains information on the same product from a variety of manufacturers.
Purchase Information
No- Their is no history of purchased items.
No – Their is no history of elements that have been bought in the past from the website.
No – the website does no store or display information of sold items and their prices.
Combination Purchase
No – the website only displays one product at a time.
Yes – the site shows other items purchased with the product being viewed by a customer.
No – the website does not include information on other products often purchased with a particular product.
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