Cybersecurity Issues: The Silent Attack on Organizations and Consumers - Essay Example

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Cybersecurity relates to the collection of tools, concepts and safeguards of security, policies and guidelines approaches essential in managing risks, best practices and the right actions together with technologies among others for use in protecting the cyber environment as well…
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Cybersecurity Issues: The Silent Attack on Organizations and Consumers
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Download file to see previous pages security risks, cybersecurity tries to ensure the attainment as well as maintenance of overall security properties for both the organization and the users. The objectives of cybersecurity comprise of availability, integrity and confidentiality. The increased technological development and usage across various institutes, major businesses and small-businesses calls for the need of enhancing cybersecurity (Trim and Upton, 2013). The higher the intake of technological developments, the higher the risks of cybersecurity that impact not only the economic sector, but also the security sector among others. Although major organizations and government institutes serve as the major target for cyber crimes, small organizations may also fall victim for such risks. The effect is even larger for the small organizations and individuals that they may fail to recover from the loss incurred. With the trend indicating the direction of organizations towards the internet world, the current concern is whether organizations need to pay for cybersecurity now or in the future. Whether the payment is made now r later, it is apparent that there exists a variety of long-term challenges associated with the future of cybersecurity. Governments and organizations therefore need to ensure that the right test and continuous trials on any possible leakage that may expose the systems to cyber attacks are upheld throughout.
After the September 11 terrorist attack in the U.S, the federal government through all the law enforcement agents ensured a review of security measures across the nation. The measures mostly focused on possible threats in areas considered high risk targets for terrorists. Other than the physical locations, significant attention has of late been accorded to computer as well as telecommunication systems as a result of possible network security vulnerability (The National Academies, 2015). The need to focus on cybersecurity is attributed to the fact that much of modern life relies ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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