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The series could present things such cooking shows dealing with microwaves or shows highlighting wonders of the world. It can also develop a premium subscription…
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Rocketboom Rocketboom Apart from the regular work-for-hire projects and Rocketboom videos, the firm can develop various spin off-series. The series could present things such cooking shows dealing with microwaves or shows highlighting wonders of the world. It can also develop a premium subscription model that would cost a few dollars per month. The premium subscription would provide rare videos such as showcasing space and the wonders of the universe. It can also develop an application and partner with tourist firms to make installments branded as its travel guide. The installments would draw attention to the flourishing tourism industry.
Rocketboom has an organizational structure that differs from the traditional television programs that feature the unidirectional structure. It targets international audience by engaging them in discussions and in various formats and platforms (VCTV 2007). The Rocketboom video covers the top and new stories with a bias on international arts and weblog drama. It presents the videos online and also distributes them via RSS. The firm’s content can also be accessed via its website, iTunes and subscription through emails. The availability of its content online gives it a larger audience than the television companies. Unlike traditional televisions that spend heavily in production, it uses simple facilities to compose its content (DeVilla 2006).
Failure to understand the concepts of IT and business would have deprived it the opportunity to thrive in the hostile market. As discussed above, most traditional television companies fail to register growth because of their limited knowledge or lack of using IT exhaustively. Lack of business skills would have seen the company collapse at an early age because of poor management.
DeVilla J. Rocketbooms Andrew Baron Tells All, Part 2. (2006).
VCTV. VC-TV interviews founder, Andrew Baron, Part 1. (2007). Read More
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RocketBoom Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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