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Sports Medicine - Research Paper Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Sports Medicine Sports medicine is a scientific branch of medicine that deals with the principles relating to the art and science of sports and it majorly deals with diagnosis of sports injury, its treatment, prevention and sports training which include: sports psychology, nutrition and workouts…
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Sports Medicine Research Paper
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Download file to see previous pages James C. Puffer founded the UCLA program in 1986 and he was among the pioneers of sports medicine. Since its formation the program has been recruiting among the best physicians with the vision that they will enhance their academic careers to take this discipline to another level and pass down their knowledge to other physicians who are either in practice or training (Berger 34). The program ensures comprehensive experience which is designed to assist the potential physicians to have exceptional skills in research, clinical care and teaching. With the passing years the program has used the professionalism of the experts in the faculty together with their enthusiasm and used it to their advantage to make beneficial changes which support this faculty of sports medicine. Initially, it took one year of training to complete the program but in the year 1989 a second year was added to enable the acquisition of research skills thus officially making it two years to complete the program (Busconi 67). Sports medicine is still in evolution and thus there is expansion in regards to the career paths physicians. The primary focus of faculty is research but there has been need for the use of evidenced-based methods in order to provide medical students with skills in musculoskeletal medicine and issues that affect participation in sports and physical activity. Due to this the role of the clinician-teacher has immensely and rapidly grown. The program’s commitment to develop leaders in sports medicine and taking into consideration the changes made, the program offers a choice of either one year training program or two years training program. For those interested in faculty careers as clinician teachers then they will have to undertake a twelve month curriculum which includes clinical training, teaching and educational opportunities not forgetting support and preparation for scholarly activity and clinical research. But for those interested in having advanced skills and experience, as well as superior development training then a twenty four month program is advised, which will meet the career goals and specific interests of each fellow. It still remains that the program’s main focus is to train those who will advance its discipline. Research shows that over seventy per cent of graduates have pursued academic careers with major athletic teams (Dyment 78). So long as you are in any sort of athlete even if it’s on a non-professional level sports medicine is very important. This is due to the fact that sports injuries bring about excessive damage to the human anatomy which will in turn lead to long term damage without proper medical attention. We can take the example of fractures, these might lead to problems like pains, arthritis, permanent joint pain and general aches. Consequences of this bones not being rehabilitated properly include less mobility ruining the chances to play sports. Injuries that are severe take ages to heal and this is where the services of sports come in and specifically in helping the patient get their muscles together with the bones in working order (Strauss 65). Its importance also ranges across prevention of possible injuries in the future. The physician is most likely to walk you through ways of avoiding injuries in the future, precautions to take against risks and steps that might prove beneficial to strengthening the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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