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They are not manned; therefore they are instructed remotely, and they fly on their own through controlled soft wares that plan their flights. Their flights are also GPS monitored. According to…
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Thought Pieces
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Thought Pieces Drones Unmanned aerial vehicles or drones are robots that have been designed to fly. They are not manned; therefore they are instructed remotely, and they fly on their own through controlled soft wares that plan their flights. Their flights are also GPS monitored. According to Nagelhout, (2013), the use of drones have always majorly been associated with the military, rescue services, monitoring the weather, monitoring traffic, and firefighting, among many others. Nowadays, big companies are considering employing drones in the delivery of products, in the future.
Drones have been in used for quite sometimes. Although at the time, they were used solely by the military to spy on rivals in the war field. The use of unmanned aerial vehicles has expanded since then. This is highly attributed to the advancement of technology. Nagelhout, (2013), says that many people are coming up with new and innovative ideas. With each passing day, better machines are being unveiled. It is startling to imagine how much the drones could do. It may even be scary to believe that such innovations could be used to harm people, or to spy on them. Drones carry cameras and can record things taking place. They can even go unnoticed, which makes it scarier. The 21st century is full of innovations, and there is so much to expect.
An example of a company that is thinking about using drones is Amazon, which is in the process of experimenting with delivery of packages. Nardo, (2014), says that the drones will be able to deliver within a radius of ten miles, and they are expected to do so in about thirty minutes. This will be a significant boost to the business. What is being debated is that if the drones are allowed to do the delivery, and then what will people do? It means that the workload of the workers will be reduced, and many may even be laid off. Although it is a good idea that saves time and is very attractive to the customers, many considerations have to be made.
With the rate in which new technology is being manifested, Nardo, (2014) adds that the future holds so much more. Other than all those uses named above, in the future I know that drones will be able to carry out more than just the simple tasks of delivering small packages. I see a future where unmanned aerial vehicles will be bigger in size and will be able to carry more weight. Drones will have new designs that are both appealing to look at and will have more power, higher speed and more accuracy. With a touch of a button, the machines will be smart enough to do carry out the instructions required of them. They may not even need to be monitored. They will just be pre-set, and they will be able to carry out the requirements.
In a few decades to come, the technology will be so advanced, that human beings may not have any more work to do. Robots will be doing every task done by man. The only worry is that the air space may be too congested, and the aviation administration will have a tough time trying to regulate the way in which operations are carried out. If everyone wants to fly their aerial vehicles, then it means that there will be too much congestion. Small drones will even be used around the house to get things when needed. People will no longer need to do shopping or buy groceries; the drones will be able to bring them home.
Drones may even be able to transport human beings in future. The people will only be comfortably seated as the droves take them where ever they need to go. There will be no need to use public means of transport. The drones will be affordable to anyone, and they will be smart enough not to cause accidents such as colliding with other drones. The aviation industry will take in millions as people will highly accept the technology. Pollution caused by smoke emission from vehicles will be reduced, and life will be so much easier.
Nagelhout, R. (2013). Drones. New York: Gareth Stevens Publishing.
Nardo, D. (2014). Drones. North Carolina: Morgan Reynolds Publishing. Read More
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